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    Даллас / Dallas (1978 - 1991) - США (резюме на английском языке)

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    Даллас (5 сезон: 78-103 серии) / Dallas / 1981 - 1982

    78 «Missing Heir»   
    The identity of the dead woman floating in the pool is revealed as Kristin.
    The police question Cliff and JR who accuse each other of murdering Kristin: Cliff says he figures JR pushed her over the balcony into the pool; JR says he walked out on to the balcony and saw Cliff trying to drown her. In light of the fact that the balcony railing is broken, the police decide to take both JR and Cliff in for questioning. Bobby arrives and JR tells him that Pam took John Ross to Abilene as he and Cliff are taken away. Sheriff Washburn arrives and tells JR that the Dallas ADA has told him about the deal that was cut when Kristin admitted to shooting him [see Episode 59 for details] and he figures that JR had the best motive for wanting Kristin dead.

    79 «Gone, But Not Forgotten» 
    J. R. and Cliff testify at the inquest. A grieving Sue Ellen takes action to put an end to her marriage.
    JR's henchmen grab John Ross and take Sue Ellen out of the way. Fortunately, Dusty foresaw JR's scheme and his ranch hands apprehend JR's guys. Dusty tells Sue Ellen he's made arrangements for her and her son to be protected. He takes her to the connecting flight as they see JR looking down at them from above.

    80 «Showdown at San Angelo»
    J. R. uses Miss Ellie to gain access to the Southern Cross Ranch and his son as Sue Ellie has misgivings about building a new life with Dusty.JR convinces Ellie to call Sue Ellen and make arrangements to see John Ross, which she does. The Southfork helicopter arrives in San Angelo the next day, bringing Ellie, and JR not far behind. Sue Ellen suspects he's up to something, which he denies, and she reminds him that he's surrounded by armed men. Ellie and Clayton meet for the first time and agree that while they're on opposite sides of the John Ross debate, the fight is not theirs. Sue Ellen denies JR's offer of a quick, painless divorce in exchange for his son.
    JR and Ellie play with John Ross, JR tosses a ball towards the helicopter. When John Ross chases it, JR hands him to Ellie and nudges her towards the waiting chopper. He tries to convince her to take him aboard, reminding her that Jock says he belongs at Southfork. Ellie refuses to be part of it, giving the boy back to Sue Ellen.



    81 «Little Boy Lost»   
    As they prepare to do battle for temporary custody of John Ross, J.R plans a scheme to undermine Sue Ellie's chances. But the "wheels of justice" do not turn in J. r.'s favor this time around. Ellie warns JR against any mud-slinging against Sue Ellen and personally attends the hearing to ensure it doesn't happen. Howard tells the judge that Sue Ellen's been providing an unfit environment for John Ross by living in sin with Dusty at the Southern Cross. Arthur replies that Sue Ellen and Dusty have never shared a bedroom, and he has affidavits to affirm it, which Howard laughs off. Arthur then tells the court that Dusty is impotent, which comes as a complete shock to Howard and JR. So, Arthur argues, Sue Ellen is showing her son the purest of emotions - true love and self-sacrifice. Faced with this, the judge has no choice but to award custody to Sue Ellen - along with $5000 per month in alimony and $1000 per month in child support.

    82 «The Sweet Smell of Revenge»
    JR tells Jock that he has a new plan: he'll get the Farlows to throw Sue Ellen off the Southern Cross by blocking all of the oil shipments to their refineries. He gets Phyllis and Sly to drop everything and get him appointments to see all of the the Fallows suppliers. JR manages to get three of Clayton's suppliers to agree to his plan. Bobby gets the police to search for Pam. They search for hours but don't find her until somebody finally spots her on top of a tall building, preparing to jump. Bobby quickly arrives at the scene, blocks a fire engine and a police car, and heads up to get her. He tries to talk her away from the edge of the roof, but she takes a step closer and starts screaming. Bobby manages to grab her just in time and takes her to Dallas Memorial Bobby receives a letter with a picture of Kristin and her baby. He is contacted by the sender, who says he has more information for sale, if Bobby wants it.

    83 «The Big Shut Down» 
    Clayton Farlow refuses to give in to J. R.'s demands. Bobby makes arrangements to buy more information regarding the identify of the father of Kristin's baby. Pam becomes her psychiatric treatment will end up. Pam tells Bobby that she's afraid he'll leave her for someone who can give him a family, but Bobby assures her that that would never happen. Farraday calls Bobby and asks to meet. He tells Bobby that he was Kristin's lover and companion in California, and that he knows where the baby is.
    He can't meet the financial burdens of a child, so he figures that Bobby might be able to find a good family - especially since he knows the father. In exchange for Bobby's cash, Farraday gives him a birth certificate and copies of the checks Kristin received in California. He promises to contact Bobby again. Bobby examines the information and finds that the checks came from Jordan Lee, who is strangely unavailable at his office for further comment.
    Meanwhile Pam meets her sister Katherine for the first time and Sue Ellen finds Clayton out near his old ranch house, which he tells her he destroyed after his wife Amy died while he was away on a business trip. Ellie arrives in the Southfork chopper to see John Ross. Dusty tells Clayton he just found out that the refineries have stopped receiving oil and Clayton starts to investigate why.

    84 «Blocked»
    Bobby talks to Jordan, who hesitantly admits having an affair with Kristin. He tells Bobby that he told Farraday to take a hike when he tried to blackmail him. Later Jordan shows Bobby the results of a blood test confirming that he couldn't be the father of Kristin's baby. JR calls Clayton and arranges a meeting. Jock calls and JR assures him that the plan is going perfectly and John Ross will be back at Southfork when Jock returns from South America. JR tells Clayton that his terms are very reasonable - he'll sell Clayton back all of the oil, as soon as he throws Sue Ellen and John Ross off of the Southern Cross. Clayton says that Sue Ellen would never return to Southfork, but JR says that's not important right now. Clayton refuses the offer, because Sue Ellen means so much to Dusty. He then tells JR that the price of crude dropped heavily that morning - one dollar a barrel so far, and likely to drop further. He tells JR that there might not be a Ewing Oil when Jock returns.

    85 «The Split»
    Ellie receives a shocking legal document from Jock which affects the future of Ewing Oil. Jock continues on his mission in South American for the State Department. J. R. has a confrontation with Dusty at the Cotton Bowl stadium.Lucy returns from Houston as Ellie brings in the mail, with a package from Jock. With the family gathered, Ellie reads his message which refers to a legal document dividing the voting shares of the company: Ellie gets 30, JR gets 20, Bobby gets 20, Gary gets 10, Ray gets 10, and John Ross gets 10. Ellie controls John Ross's shares while he is away from Southfork; JR gets them if he is on the ranch.



    86 «Five Dollars a Barrel»   
    J. R. is forced to Cliff's demands for Ewing property after Cliff buys the bank notes on J. r.'s $200 million loan and threatens foreclosure. J. r. plots unsuccessfully to acquire Gary's and Ray's voting shares. Pam is allowed to leave the hospital for a brief visit to Southfork.

    87 «Starting Over» 
    Miss Ellie wants to help Ray out of his financial problem and uncovers J. R.'s scheme in the process. J.R. consults a broker in New York about selling Ewing stock. Sue Ellen says a good-bye to Dusty. Bobby buys Kristin's baby thinking J. R. is the father. Bobby unintentionally surprise Pam with one thing she's always wanted-- a baby. Ellie tells Donna what happened at the bank. As they pull out of the driveway in Donna's car, JR arrives at the ranch. Ellie gets out of the car to confront him, ruining Bobby's plan. She follows him inside and they start arguing about what he's done. Bobby arrives home with Christopher, as he stands in the hallway listening to JR and Ellie argue, Pam comes down the stairs, overjoyed to find that Bobby finally managed to obtain a child they can adopt.

    88 «Waterloo at Southfork» 
    J.R.'s position at Ewing Oil hangs in the balance when Miss Ellie takes matters into her own hands. An angry, determined Ellie calls the family together to vote on whether J.R. should be removed as the company's president when it looks like he will be forced to default on his loan. J.R. plots to gain custody of his son now that Sue Ellen has left the protection of the Farlow family. Bobby becomes aware of the difficulties he and Pam have ahead of them in adopting Kristin's child without Pam learning of its parentage. Ray has no choice but to pull out of the townhouse development deal, leaving Donna angered by his refusal to confide in her.

    89 «Barbecue Two»   
    Miss Ellie plans the annual Ewing Barbecue to coincide with Jock's expected return to Southfork. J.R. and Sue Ellen find a renewed interest in each other. Cliff realizes that he may still love Sue Ellen. Lucy is annoyed when Mitch is called away by a patient. Ray gets drunk and embarrasses Donna. Clayton and Rebecca renew their old friendship. Katherine Wentworth is attracted to Bobby. Miss Ellie's festive mood is ruined by a shocking phone call. Jock is dead.

    90 «The Search»
    The Ewings are unable to accept the fact that their father, Jock, could be dead, and J.R., Bobby and Ray fly to South America to see the crash site and determine his fate. In South America, the Ewing sons find an injured man at the crash site who tells them his small plane collided with a helicopter which crashed into the lake. Ray and Bobby dive into the lake and find pieces of a heli- copter and evidence that their father' was a passenger. It is J.R. who has the most trouble accepting the reality of his father's mortality.



    91 «Denial» 
    Jock's death has a devastating effect on J.R. and Bobby has to cover for himself as well as his brother in running Ewing Oil. J.R. is unable to deal with even the simplest of business demands in his grief. In the meantime, the rest of the family is puzzled at Miss Ellie's calmness in dealing with her husband's death and Bobby realizes that she is refusing to accept its reality. Cliff, ecstatic at his victory over J.R., tries to renew his relationship with Sue Ellen, who is having troubles coping with her new single life. Ray and Donna's marriage begins to fall apart with Donna's continued success as a writer and Ray's increasing depression over being a fajlure. A drunken J.R. terrifies Sue Ellen by demanding Jock's only grandson be returned to Southfork.

    92 «Head of the Family»
    J.R.'s continued absence from the business and Ray's apathy toward running the ranch have Bobby busy trying to keep Ewing Oil afload and Southfork running smoothly. Bobby asks Miss Ellie for authority he needs to run Ewing Oil until J.R. recovers from Jock's death, but Ellie knows Bobby has all the pressures he can handle with Pam and the baby. J.R. recovers his sense of purpose when Bobby shows him that they are in danger of losing all that Jock had built up for his family. Sue Ellen and Clayton are targets of criticism because of their friendship, so Sue Ellen welcomes Cliff's attentions. While visiting Southfork with his daddy, John Ross pleases J.R. by taking his place in Jock's chair.

    93 «The Phoenix» 
    J.R. shows his old spirit at Ewing Oil and uses Marilee Stone in an effort to regain his standing with the cartel, vowing to Jock's memory to make the company even stronger. Sue Ellen isn't at all pleased when J.R. takes their son to the office to show him his future, even though she is having her own troubles keeping a balance between Cliff and Clayton in her life. Ray's continued negligence at Southfork leads to confrontations with Bobby and Ellie and threatens his marriage. Cliff gets a singing job for Afton at a posh nigh club, but her pursuit of him makes her aware of his interest in Sue Ellen. J.R. discovers that Jock had left Ewing Oil divided among all the Ewing heirs so he shocks the family by agreeing with his mother to postpone the reading of the will. Rebecca becomes aware that Katherine is attracted to Bobby, and Roger starts following Lucy.

    94 «My Father, My Son»
    J.R.'s joy at his latest cartel deal is overshadowed by his distress at Sue Ellen's friendship with Cliff Barnes, especially after he discovers the two have spent the night in Sue Ellen's apartment. His concern with Sue Ellen's involvement with Cliff prompts J.R. to set a plan in motion to break his rival, even attempting to turn Afton against him. Lucy discovers that Mitch is seeing a woman patient socially and turns to Roger for solace. Bobby tries to talk Pam into going back to work while he tries to hurry the adoption of their new baby. And, J.R. tries to convince Donna that she could save her marriage by having Ray give up his shares of Ewing Oil, cutting his ties with the Ewings.

    95 «Anniversary»
    J.R. pushes his campaign to win Sue Ellen back and at the same time is busy with plots against Ray Krebbs and Cliff Barnes. After J.R. surprises Sue Ellen by observing the anniversary of their first meeting, Clayton Farlow cautions her against believing that J.R. could be changing for the better. J.R. manipulates Donna into discovering her husband at a motel with an old girlfriend in order to persuade Ray to leave Southfork and turn his shares of Ewing Oil over to him. Bobby surprises Pam with the gift of her own business, one that will enable her to work and be with their son at the same time. Roger's obsession with Lucy becomes more intense and is given impetus when Lucy comes to him after being told that Mitch has spent the night with Evelyn Michaelson.



    96 «Adoption»
    J.R. continues to shower Sue Ellen with attention and she accepts his invitation to dinner at Southfork. The family is delighted to see Sue Ellen back at the ranch, although she is becoming aware of how sick her relationship with her former husband really is. J.R. has Ray arrested and then is able to persuade him to sign over his voting shares. Bobby and Pam are delighted at the results of the adoption hearing for Christopher, and Ray and Donna discuss divorce. Lucy tries to reason with Roger but his reaction indicates how obsessed he has become over J.R.'s niece. Cliff discovers J.R.'s plot to get him out of Dallas and in an confrontation tells J.R. that he intends to marry Sue Ellen.

    97 «The Maelstrom» 
    The Ewing family celebrates the successful adoption of Bobby and Pam's baby, but J.R. becomes suspicious and determined to find out what became of Kristin's child. He realizes that he may be a long way from getting his own son back because of Sue Ellen's anger. Knowing that she is seeing Cliff Barnes, J.R. vows to destroy his business, and now personal, rival. Ray surprises Ellie and Donna with a complete turnaround from his recent behavior. Mitch asks Lucy for a divorce and she runs to Roger; flattered at his obsession and oblivious to its strange manifestations. Clayton warns Sue Ellen not to turn to Cliff just to get back at J.R.

    98 «The Prodigal»
    J.R. hits a new scheme to use against Cliff Barnes from a chance remark by Katherine and sets up a plan with Marilee Stone to ruin his rival. In high spirits because hw was able to thwart J.R.'s previous efforts to con him, Cliff is able to talk Rebecca into expanding his role at Wentworth Tool and Dye - even though Katherine is very upset at this latest grab for power by her half-brother. Sue Elle is the focus of attention because Cliff presses his courtship; much to the distress of Afton, J.R., and Clayton, that latter unable to face his true feelings for Sue Ellen. Bobby meets with Jeff Farraday, who tries to blackmail him, and Pam warns Roger to stay away from Lucy or face the wrath of the Ewing Clan. Donna discovers some disturbing facts about Jock while researching her book and turns to a reformed Ray for advice. J.R. investigates Christopher's birth, with the hope of getting a club to hold over brother Bobby.

    99 «Vengeance» 
    A gullible Cliff Barnes snaps at the bait J.R. has set to trap him. Marilee Stone springs J.R.'s trap on Barnes whose greed compels him to take $4,000,000 from his mother's company to invest in the scheme dangled in front of him. J.R.'s plan for revenge is largely motivated to thwart Barnes' romance with Sue Ellen. Afton tells J.R. his real rival is Clayton Farlow. Lucy leaves Southfork for a few days, hoping to resume her life with Mitch. Instead, she runs into a belligerent Roger Larson. Bobby meets with Jeff Farraday and concedes to his blackmail with the promise that he leave the country. Ray suggests that Donna go to Miss Ellie with the information she has uncovered about Jock's early career. And, J.R. believes he has the means of forcing Bobby to turn over his shares of Ewing Oil, after he sees Christopher's adoption papers.

    100 «Blackmail»
    Bobby Ewing's worst fears are realized when Farraday is murdered; but a much worse blackmailer takes his place - his brother J.R. With copies of Christopher's adoption records in his possession, J.R. realizes that he is probably the real father and now he can force Bobby to do his will so that Pam will never find out. J.R. also believes he will soon have a clear field to get Sue Ellen back with Clayton Farlow leaving town and Cliff Barnes well on the road to ruin. Lucy fails to return to Southfork and the police are called in to find her. Donna faces Miss Ellie with her findings on Jock's early career and a deep rift is created between the two women. And, the police want to know about Bobby's acquaintance with Jeff Farraday.



    101 «The Investigation»   
    Bobby is in a difficult position when he is questioned by police about the extent of his involvement with Farraday. Lucy is released from her bondage after she is found by Pam and Bobby. Cliff realizes he is facing ruin and tries to borrow money from Sue Ellen, which J.R. uses to try and win Sue Ellen back - as he draws the net around Barnes even tighter. Donna is distressed at Ellie's continued coolness, and Bobby is contacted by underworld figures.

    102 «Acceptance» 
    J.R. is riding high with Cliff crushed, Bobby on the ropes, Clayton out of the way, and Sue Ellen accepting his attention. Cliff Barnes despairs after his mother asks him to resign from Wentworth Tool and Dye because of his misuse funds although Afton declares her love for him and tries to convince him that together, they can beat J.R. At the same time, J.R. 's discovery of Christopher's birth has Bobby intimidated, even as Bobby undergoes the ordeal of the investigation into Farraday's underworld connections. Ray intercedes in Donna and Ellie's feud and is instrumental in getting Miss Ellie to face the reality of Jock's life and death. Mitch decides to leave Dallas and Lucy, while a smug J.R. takes Sue Ellen to Southfork for a visit.

    103 «Goodbye, Cliff Barnes»

    Cliff Barnes uses his strongest weapon against J.R. Ewing, after J.R. is the apparent winner of their rivalry. Sue Ellen accepts J.R.'s offer of marriage, leaving a disappointed Clayton Farlow holding an unused engagement ring and Cliff more despondent then ever. Bobby and Pam find new evidence about Christopher's birth, making Bobby furious at his brother for using the child as a pawn in his efforts to control Ewing Oil. Lucy resists pressing rape charges against Roger, but agrees to a pregnancy test. The celebration at Southfork over J.R. and Sue Ellen's reconciliation is spoiled by a desperate act on Cliff Barnes' part. Miss Ellie blames J.R. for the escalation of the Barnes-Ewing feud and vows to remove him from the presidency of Ewing Oil. Rebecca threatens to use her wealth to break the entire Ewing clan.

    Sue Ellen blames herself for Cliff's suicide attempt and prays for himf to get better. JR arrives not long after, and tries to make Sue Ellen believe that it wasn't their fault. Sue Ellen responds that it is their fault, and she won't marry JR if Cliff dies.



    Даллас (6 сезон: 104-131 серии) / Dallas / 1982 - 1983
    104 «Changing of the Guard» 
    J.R. is the focus of everyone's wrath at Southfork when he is blamed by the other Ewings, as well as Afton and Rebecca, for driving Cliff to attempt suicide. Bobby has his own reasons for being furious with J.R., after being blackmailed by him over Christopher. Lucy has her own worries, as she waits for the results of her pregnancy test. Miss Ellie wants J.R. out as president of Ewing Oil.

    105 «Where There's a Will» 
    J.R. schemes to get an advance look at Jock's will after discovering his father wished to have it sealed until it can be revealed to the entire family. Still feeling guilty about Cliff, Sue Ellen wants time to think about remarrying J.R., so she visits Clayton at the Southern Cross. Pam persuades Lucy to see a doctor about her pregnancy. Afton is disturbed when Cliff rejects her attempts to look after him. Marilee Stone offers Cliff a position with her company. Ray and Donna get some disturbing news from Kansas about Amos Krebbs. Miss Ellie considers attending the Oil Barons Ball.



    106 «Billion Dollar Question»
    Bobby and J.R. agree that it is time that their mother went out and met old friends. When Ellie decides to attend the Oil Barons Ball, J.R. again tries to persuade her to open the will. He then tries to coerce Bobby toward the same goal. Donna and Ray's long-delayed honeymoon is postponed when they have to go to Kansas for Amos Krebbs' funeral. Pam's concern for Lucy's depression prompts her to tell Bobby about her condition. J.R. uses John Ross as a pawn to win Sue Ellen back. Cliff cautiously accepts Marilee's job offer.

    107 «The Big Ball» 
    The Oil Barons Ball opens up a new era for Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen is shocked when Dusty shows up at the Southern Cross while she is there visiting Clayton. Lucy decides she must get on with her life and put the past behind her. Ray tries to control his rebellious young cousin while he and Donna are in Kansas. J.R. and Bobby realize that the Ewings will be alienated from the oil cartel if Cliff works with Marilee. J.R. arranges a big surprise for Miss Ellie at the ball.

    108 «Jock's Will» 
    Miss Ellie painfully decides to declare Jock legally dead and the entire Ewing clan gathers at Southfork for the reading of the will. Miss Ellie discusses the procedure for declaring Jock legally dead with the family attorney. Rebecca promises to use all her power and wealth to destroy the Ewings. Pam is torn between loyalty to her husband and her feelings for her mother. Ray and Donna bring Mickey back to Southfork. Sue Ellen and J.R. set a date for their remarriage. The terms of Jock's will could ruin the entire Ewing family.

    109 «Aftermath» 
    Ewing Oil is split down the middle as J.R. and Bobby begin their year-long battle for control of the company. Miss Ellie and Pam worry that the battle may hurt the family. Rebecca warns J.R. that she will never forget what he did to her son. Lucy returns to modeling. The adoption of Christopher becomes final. Bobby considers a Canadian oil deal. Rebecca buys an oil company for Cliff. J.R. hires a private detective to blackmail a member of the Office of Land Management commission.

    110 «Hit and Run»
    J.R. arranges for a fake hit and run accident in order to blackmail a member of the Office of Land Management. Cliff is made president of Barnes/Wentworth Oil. Afton warns Cliff and Rebecca not to use the company as a weapon against J.R. Miss Ellie accepts Frank Crutcher's invitation to lunch. Donna tells Miss Ellie that she should get used to the idea of seeing other men. Lucy discusses her divorce from Mitch with her lawyer. Cliff is approached about the same Canadian oil deal that Bobby is interested in. Pam helps Bobby clinch the Canadian deal which upsets Cliff. J.R. blackmails Walt Driscoll into gathering him the variance he wants.



    111 «The Ewing Touch» 
    J.R. is granted his oil variance and begins full production on his wells, while Walt Driscoll has to flee Dallas when news of the variance leaks out. The oil cartel cannot understand why J.R. is pumping to capacity when there is a glut of oil in the market. Sue Ellen asks Clayton if he will give her away at her wedding to J.R. Miss Ellie tries to make peace with Rebecca, but Rebecca wants vengeance against the Ewings. Bobby and J.R. are not pleased when Miss Ellie brings Frank Crutcher to dinner. Ray tells Mickey to either straighten out or else. Cliff lashes out at Pam for helping Bobby win the Canadian deal. Holly confronts J.R. about his pumping at full capacity. Donna discusses dismantling the OLM, now that Walt Driscoll has proved how corrupt it is.

    112 «Fringe Benefits» 
    Sue Ellen and Afton both contend with the lecherous advances of a refinery owner who's pitching an attractive oil deal to both Cliff and J.R. J.R. puts Miss Ellie on the defensive when he asks what Frank Crutcher means to her. Ellie tells Frank that she thinks that they are moving too fast. Bobby learns that there will be delays in drilling in Canada. Punk meets with Bobby to see if he knows what J.R. is doing with all the oil that his wells are pumping. Sue Ellen and Pam vow to remain friends despite the war between their husbands. Afton compromises herself to help Cliff get the oil refinery. The cartel sides with Cliff in the battle against J.R. Pam asks Bobby to forget the Ewing Oil war and leave Southfork but Bobby refuses to give up the fight.

    113 «The Wedding» 
    The wedding of J.R. and Sue Ellen brings Cliff to Southfork and sets into motion more intrigue and excitement. Mickey and Lucy meet but do not get off on the right foot. Ellie invites Clayton to stay at Southfork as her guest. Jordon Lee tells Bobby that he had better stop J.R. or Ewing Oil will be destroyed. Ray tells Mickey to stay away from Lucy. Afton is upset that Cliff still loves Sue Ellen. Lucy asks for an out-of-town modeling assignment so she won't have to attend the wedding. Rebecca notices Clayton's attraction to Miss Ellie. Donna agrees to serve on the Texas Energy Commission. Members of the oil cartel do not attend the wedding.

    114 «Post Nuptial»
    J. R. and Sue Ellen's wedding reception turns into a fist-throwing brawl, as Cliff comes to blows with J.R. Bobby and the 'oil cartel suspect that J.R. is selling oil to an embargoed nation. Cliff and Rebecca unite the cartel in a plan to convince all the refinery owners in Texas not to deal with J.R. On their honeymoon, Sue Ellen makes J.R. give her a promise of "total commitment." Holly confesses to Bobby that J.R. owns 25% of Harwood Oil. Pam advises Lucy to seek professional help. Bobby confronts J.R. with his involvement in Harwood Oil.

    115 «Barbecue Three»
    The annual Ewing barbecue is the scene of an angry confrontation between J.R. and a group of oilmen led by Cliff. Bobby continues his investigation into where J.R. is shipping oil. Mickey asks Lucy on a date, but she turns him down. J.R. announces he is opening up a chain of cut-rate gas stations. Bobby vows to "fight dirty" just like J.R. in order to win control of Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie wonders if Jock made the right decision in dividing the company between J.R. and Bobby. After the confrontation at the barbecue between the oil cartel and the Ewings, Miss Ellie decides that drastic actions must be taken.



    116 «Mama Dearest» 
    Bobby reluctantly sides with J.R. when Miss Ellie threatens court action to contest Jock's will. Cliff and the cartel discuss how to beat J.R.'s cut-rate gasoline prices. Pam decides to support Miss Ellie in the fight to overturn Jock's will. Bobby and J.R. tell Miss Ellie they oppose her plans. J.R. gains media spotlight with his gasoline prices. Donna meets with resistance from the energy commission members when she tries to rescind J.R.'s oil variance. Cliff ignores Afton's desire for marriage. Bobby confronts Pam about her siding against him with regards to Jock's will.

    117 «The Ewing Blues» 
    Miss Ellie faces a hard decision when she must decide to tarnish Jock's memory or see her family destroyed because of his will. Pam supports her mother-in-law's determined stand, which creates a breach between her and Bobby. She finds a strong ally in Mark Grayson. J.R. and Sue Ellen further alienate themselves when they go on television to defend J.R.'s position in the industry and in Ewing Oil. Holly Harwood realizes that her deal with J.R. has put her company in an untenable position and she goes to Bobby for advice. Bobby has to reluctantly antagonize the cartel in his need to beat J.R. Lucy is secretly amused by her feud with Mickey. Donna is discouraged when the energy commission gives in to J.R. Ray gives her much needed support, which leads to conflict with J.R.

    118 «The Reckoning»
    The hearing to overturn Jock's will causes great emotional pain for Miss Ellie as well as further setting other undercurrent's in the Ewing family into motion. If Jock's latest will is ruled invalid, an earlier one will leave Ewing Oil to Ellie and Ray and Gary without their trusts. Ellie assures Ray that he will get his share of the money, but Ray says he will not accept this form of charity. J.R. attacks Pam for interfering and asks Sue Ellen to try and persuade Pam to support Bobby's position against his mother. Sue Ellen discovers Mark's obvious attraction to Pam, and J.R. sees that as a weapon to use in his fight with Bobby. Rebecca asks Cliff and the cartel to hold any action against J.R. until the court's ruling on Jock's will. Donna continues her fight with the oil commission, aware that the outcome will affect J.R.'s gasoline futures.

    119 «A Ewing Is a Ewing» 
    In the aftermath of the court's ruling on Jock's will, Miss Ellie escapes from the tension at Southfork with a trip to Galveston, where she runs into an irate Clayton. He is still smoldering from J.R.'s use of Sue Ellen to get his excess crude refined at Clayton's refinery. Cliff contrives to get a political carrot dangled in front of J.R. to get him out of Dallas. The cartel accedes to Bobby's demands for his share of the Wellington field. Bobby discovers energy commission member, George Hicks has ties with J.R. Holly gets to know the real J.R. Ewing and they both use threats to establish a new working relationship with each other. Mark pays a surprise visit to Pam at her studio.

    120 «Crash of '83»
    Bobby is forced to emulate his brother, J.R. in dirty dealing, which turns his stomach and disgusts Pam. Bobby's underhandedness is to get George Hicks to reverse his stand on J.R.'s variance with the energy commission. J.R. modestly denies he has political aspirations as he desperately searches for a refinery to continue the cheap gasoline production which is making him a popular hero. Rebecca vows to use all of the Wentworth influence to prevent him from acquiring a refinery. Cliff discovers that Afton had an affair with Thurman. J.R. is upset about his mother's friendship with Clayton. Afton receives some shocking news.



    121 «Requiem» 
    Cliff blames himself after the crash of the Wentworth company plane, which his mother took as a passenger in his place. Rebecca's accident is the latest episode caused indirectly by the ongoing war between Cliff and J.R. Before Rebecca dies, she makes Pam promise to protect Cliff. Katherine flies in to join Pam and Cliff ill their sorrow and lashes out at Cliff for letting their mother fight his battles with the Ewings. J.R. is stunned when the energy commission rescinds his variance to pump oil and he quickly makes contact with Driscoll to establish a Caribbean oil deal. Holly tries to use the variance ruling to force J.R.'s hand in her company, but he points out that he now controls Harwood oil. At Southfork, Pam makes a shocking announcement to Bobby.

    122 «Legacy» 
    Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork, to the delight of J.R. and Katherine. J.R. sees Bobby's split with Pam as an advantage to himself in their business rivalry. Katherine has her own reasons for interfering in her half-sister's life. Rebecca's will holds surprises when it is read, with Katherine again plotting against her half-brother as well as Pam. Lucy rescues Mickey from a bar-room brawl and they start to form a friendship. Donna and Ray are surprised at the cartel's attitude toward Bobby. Clayton advises Ellie to forget the family troubles and get on with her life. He tells Sue EIlen he sees qualities in Ellie he once thought he saw in her. A nervous J.R. offers Bobby a compromise.

    123 «Brothers and Sisters» 
    Bobby and Pam are the target of one another's plotting which puts a greater strain on their relationship. With Katherine pursuing Bobby and Mark pursuing Pam, the separated pair find it difficult to reach each other. Miss Ellie finds that helping Clayton find a new home in Dallas after the sale of the Southern Cross is satisfying, much to the dismay of J.R. J.R.'s budding popularity makes Donna and Ray realize that the outcome of his and Bobby's race for Ewing Oil could affect Dave Culver's future in the Senate. Holly again goes to Bobby for advice. Lucy and Mickey reach an understanding.

    124 «Caribbean Connection» 
    Bobby discovers evidence proving that J.R. is illegally shipping oil to an embargoed nation. As Bobby plots to put a knot in J.R.'s Caribbean connection, J.R. again considers running for public office. Sue Ellen is concerned that her past may damage his chances for election. Pam is pushed further into the path of Mark Grayson by Cliff and Katherine. Holly again goes to Bobby for advice, but J.R. coerces her into doing his bidding in spite of Bobby's counsel. Mickey gets Lucy involved with his misunderstandings with Donna and Ray. Ray rushes to help Bobby pin down J.R.'s involvement in the illegal oil shipments.

    125 «The Sting» 
    Bobby springs his trap on J.R., equalizing the two brothers in the race for Ewing Oil unless J.R. can neutralize the harm done to his Caribbean deal. Katherine offers to supply information to J.R. to help in their common rivalry with Cliff, as well as Bobby. Miss Ellie realizes that Bobby and Pam's split might not be temporary. Lucy puts her trust in Mickey, making him understand the reason for her past coldness. The cartel is happy to see Cliff back on his feet, which is due largely to Pam and Mark. Bobby meets Mark in Pam's apartment and the confrontation leads to a further rift in his and Pam's marriage. Driscoll vows revenge on J.R., as does Holly Harwood, and J.R. faces the fact that they are but two on a long list.



    126 «Hell Hath No Fury» 
    J.R. gets ready for his trip to Cuba. After suffering a $17 million loss, Holly Harwood tells Bobby that she's determined to get the Ewing brothers out of her life.Lucy enjoys modeling again and continues to see Mickey. Clayton Farlow keeps on seeing Ellie. Bobby runs into more weather problems on his canadian deal. J.R. encourages Katherine to move in on Bobby. Holly declares truce with J.R. and tries to seduce him. Bobby and Pam spend a night together but when he wants her to go back to Southfork,she tells him that the night was"just a moment",and so they break up again. J.R. tries to force Walt Driscoll[Ben Piazza] to tell him the name of his contract man in the Caribbean. J.R. and She Ellen appear on television again where he sets the stage for his Cuban trip. Ray offers Bobby his financial support in the battle with J.R.Mark Grasion continues to see Pam. Bobby tells Donna and Ray that it's to late to save his marriage. Katherine urges Mark to take Pam to France. Holly tells Sue Ellen of her relationship with J.R. The State Department OK's J.R.'s trip to Cuba. Sue Ellen finds proof of J.R.'s marital infidelity.

    127 «Cuba Libre»
    J.R. finds the Ewing name doesn't mean much in Cuba when he arrives there to negotiate his and Holly's oil shipments. Before he leaves for the Caribbean, J.R. is promised an ample reward by Holly if he is able to recover their money. While J.R. is away, Sue Ellen confronts Holly to disprove his infidelity. Mickey's mother visits Southfork at Donna and Ray's invitation. Mickey is embarrassed to introduce his mother to Lucy. Katherine shows Bobby a possible way to solve his Canadian dilemma. Bobby and Cliff meet accidentally and have a confrontation about the Canadian deal as well as Bobby's troubled marriage. In the meantime, Pam and Mark enjoy the Riviera together. Miss Ellie and Clayton are the subject of much speculation. Ellie has feelings that she does not want to face.

    128 «Tangled Web» 
    J.R.'s Cuban deal sets up a string of events involving Bobby, Pam, Sue Ellen, and Holly. Bobby's illusions about the even race he is having with J.R. for Ewing Oil is shattered by a box of Cuban cigars. Bobby finds out that Pam is in France with Mark, where they are discovered by friends from Dallas. Ray confesses to Aunt Lil that Jock was his father. Afton defends Cliff and orders Katherine out of their house. Miss Ellie is concerned about Clayton's and Sue Ellen's relationship and is not sure she believes Clayton's explanation. Sue Ellen makes a devastating discovery.
    Guest stars Audrey Landers (Afton Cooper) John Beck (Mark Graison) Howard Keel (Clayton Farlow) Lois Chiles (Holly Harwood) Morgan Brittany (Katherine Wentworth) Kate Reid (Lil Trotter) William Bryant (Jackson) Kenneth Kimmins (Thornton McLeish) Nate Esformes (Senor Perez) Tom McFadden (Jacksons Partner) Dennis Holahan (George Walker)

    129 «Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork» 
    Sue Ellen returns to her old habits after she discovers J.R. in Holly's bedroom. Sue Ellen staggers to Clayton for help, and Miss Ellie can't understand when she finds them together. Pam returns to confront Bobby, and faces the decision to either help her husband in his fight for Ewing Oil and possibly lose him forever or not help him and perhaps lose him to Katherine. Lucy and Mickey try to help Sue Ellen, with tragic results.

    130 «Penultimate» 
    Lucy bitterly blames Sue Ellen for the accident which has injured Mickey. The Ewing clan gathers at the emergency hospital where Sue Ellen and Mickey have been taken after the car crash on Southfork road. Lucy is especially upset because the doctors will not let her into the room where they are treating Mickey and she lashes out at Sue Ellen for her drunken driving. Ray blames himself for bringing Mickey to Texas from his Kansas home. Clayton confronts J.R. for the actions which drove Sue Ellen back to seeking refuge in a bottle. Bobby blames Holly for the intrigue she set up which has shattered Sue Ellen's faith in J.R.

    131 «Ewing Inferno»
    Ray pressures Sheriff Washburn to find the hit-and-run driver. Holly wants to pay J.R. his $20 million in installments but J.R. objects,rightly detecting Bobby's hand. J.R. gets a slap in the face from Pam during an argument over her French trip. Mark convinces Pam to vote with Katherine and give the drill to Bobby. Mickey's condition continues to be very serious and Aunt Lil even goes as far as to say that perhaps it would have been better if he had died on the spot. J.R. tells Bobby that they should consider stopping the fight for control of Ewing Oil. Pam wants a divorce. Clayton convinces Ellie to take a break from family problems and go away with him. Sue Ellen tells J.R. to stay away from John Ross. Katherine tries to console Bobby after he gets the news about the divorce. Ray learns that Walt Driscoll was driving the car that hit Mickey and Sue Ellen. Ray and J.R. engage in a terrible fight, causing a major fire at Southfork, Sue Ellen, J.R, .John Ross and Ray are trapped as the flames engulf the Ranch.



    Даллас (7 сезон: 132-161 серии) / Dallas / 1983 - 1984
    132 «The Road Back»
    A fire at Southfork is caused by JR and Ray's brawl but no one is seriously hurt.
    An emotionally unstable Ellie is put under sedation when she hears the news. The problems that Bobby has faced because of the fire brings him and Pam together again.
    Pam meets with Sue Ellen and takes her shopping to divert her from drinking. When they get home Sue Ellen overhears an argument between Pam and J.R. and discovers the truth about the car accident.
    Sue Ellen tells Clayton she's off the bottle as she no longer feels guilty and decides to devote her life to raising John Ross. Ray continues to blame J.R. for Mickey's ordeal.
    J.R. points out that the three of them share the responsibility, as Bobby and Ray set up the sting operation that sent Driscoll to jail, thereby helping to create the situation that made Driscoll go after J.R.
    Marv Smithfield explains to J.R. and Bobby that the fight for Ewing Oil cannot end until the final audit is done according to Jock's will. At that time one of the brother's will own 51% of the company.

    133 «The Long Goodbye»
    Sue Ellen tells J.R. chat she wants an open marriage, with separate bedrooms at Southfork. Bobby asks Pam to come back to him, but he is faced with having to choose between protecting Ellie or preserving his marriage as Pam says she could never live at Southfork again. J.R. and Katherine are furious about the possible reconciliation of Bobby and Pam. J.R. tells Pam that he will do everything in his power to hurt Bobby and destroy Cliff if Pam revives her marriage. Mickey is depressed when the doctor says he'll be paralyzed for life.

    134 «The Letter»
    J.R. plants the seed of Pam's destruction with Katherine, who will go to any lengths to try to win Bobbv. When Katherine can't talk Pam out of going back to Bobby, she decides to fake a letter—from Pam about Mark—which
    would throw a new light on a reconciliation.
    "I don t read Pam s mail" Bobby says when offered the letter.
    "I didn t want to read it either. I found it accidentally. But you have to hear part of it. 'Six years of marriage can not easily lie dismissed. Therefore if that means remaining with my husband when it no longer makes me happy, in order to avoid causing him pain, then perhaps that is what I have to do. I know I would be better off if Bobbv just let me go, but it he doesn t. I may have to give in and
    return to him. His happiness should lie as important to me as my own. "
    The letter has the effect Katherine intends.
    Pam meets Bobby for a date—only to discover that Bobby now wants out.
    "I want you to know that i'm letting you go. It's not fair to either of us like this. It' s for the best. I think it's time we both finally realized it's over."

    135 «My Brother's Keeper»
    J.R. and Katherine arrange it so that Pam sees Bobby with an attractive woman at a restaurant.
    Afton tells Pam that Katherine must have set up the whole thing, as there are too many restaurants in Dallas for it to be a coincidence. J.R. pays off a driller for having sabotaged Bobby's Canadian oil wells. J.R. later tells a hooker, Serena, that he has no intention of dividing the company with Bobby when the final audit comes through. Lucy tells Mickey that she loves him despite his paralysis and will stand by him and see he doesn't give up on himself. Pam and Bobby's divorce is made final by a judge in court. Pam is present, but Bobby is not.



    136 «The Quality of Mercy» 
    Pam moves into her mother's house and indicates to Mark that he will be the new man in her life. Meanwhile, Bobby feels lonely and accepts an invitation from Katherine for dinner. Cliff asks Sly to spy on J.R. Lucy confesses to Sue Ellen that she sometimes has doubts about whether she could spend the rest of her life with Mickey. But when she hears that Mickey no longer wants to see her, she bursts into his hospital room and loudly berates him and tells him that she loves him. Soon after, Mickey goes into a coma and is put on a life support machine. Ray takes Mickey's life into his own hands and unplugs the life support machine.

    137 «Check and Mate»
    Ray is arrested for murdering Mickey and is taken to the police station, where he is later visited by Donna and Bobby. Ray tells Donna that he doesn't need a lawyer as he did what he's accused of. But eventually he reluctantly agrees to Donna's pleas to get Paul Morgan to represent him. Both Lil and Lucy are in states of shock. Cliff urges Sly to continue spying on J.R. if he wants her to help her brother get his parole. He is ecstatic about scooping J.R. through Sly's information on the Murphy deal. Katherine rebuffs J.R.'s pass, and tells him that she's in love with Bobby. Sue Ellen begins to suspect that Peter, John Ross' psychologist, has a crush on her. Unexpected developments in the course of the final audit meeting bear significantly on the outcome, as the J.R./Bobby contest officially concludes with the announcement of who will control Ewing Oil.

    138 «Ray's Trial»
    J.R. drowns his disappointment at having lost the battle for Ewing Oil. But the cartel agrees to think about his proposal to do business with him again. Meanwhile at Billy Bobs, Bobby meets an old girlfriend, Jenna, and offers to drive her home. Jenna refuses Bobby's invitation as she does not want to get involved and hurt again. Bobby shows up at Pam's to pick up Christopher, where he apologizes to Katherine for breaking their dinner date. Pam is more upset to hear that he was with Jenna. Ray's trial begins and three doctors, Lucy and Bobby testify. Lil is called to the stand but Ray leaps to his feet and objects vehemently.

    139 «The Oil Barons' Ball»
    In the courtroom, Lil admits that she asked Ray to pull outthe plug of Mickey's life support system. But the judge still declares Ray guilty and passes sentence on him. Sue Ellen and J.R. make love once more, but afterwards J.R. complains that he is being used merely as a stud. At the Oil Baron's Ball neither Bobby nor Pam are pleased to see each other with their respective dates. Later in the Ladies Room there is a confrontation between Pam and Jenna with Katherine fueling the attack. Cliff is made Oil Man of the Year and on his way up to collect the award he tells J.R. that he plans to tell the true story about Jock Ewing and Digger Barnes. J.R. starts to rise from his seat.

    140 «Morning After»
    Cliff announces on the podium at the Oil Baron's Ball that Digger deserved the acclaim that Jock has received as it was he that found the oil that the Ewings have been taking from the ground since. When Cliff steps down an all-out fight starts with fists and food flying and Bobby, Mark, Ray, J.R. and Cliff all participating. Jenna treats Bobby's wounds and they stay the entire night together, but do not make love. Pam starts work at Barnes/Wentworth but stipulates that the Barnes/Ewing feud must end. Pam and Cliff buy a new oil service company but Pam feels that Cliff used her sex appeal to clinch the deal with Mr. Kesey. Sue Ellen and Peter have a private talk about their relationship and Sue Ellen says that nothing could happen between them for many reasons and pleads with Peter to continue seeing John Ross. But the next day Peter is not at the camp. When Sue Ellen tracks him down she insists that they must talk some more and without warning Peter suddenly kisses her.



    141 «The Buck Stops Here» 
    Sue Ellen and J.R. have a heated argument about Sue Ellen's relationship with Peter. Pam is annoyed when she discovers that Bobby, Jenna, Christopher and Charlie spent the day together. J.R. is determined to discover who is double-crossing him on his business deals. Katherine offers to set Jenna up in Houston, Jenna refuses and tells Bobby that Katherine wants her. Bobby, Ray and Mark all participate at the rodeo. Afterwards, Tracy pulls Mark onto the dance floor, and then Bobby and Pam dance. They each feel the tension and pain of the strong feelings they still have for each other but say nothing. Jenna feels jealous and reciprocates by giving Bobby a deep kiss in public after her ride on the mechanical bull. Pam then takes Mark and leaves. They go home and make love for the first time.

    142 «To Catch a Sly»
    Pam feels disturbed after making love with Mark, because she still feels more attached to Bobby. When Bobby arrives to pick up Christopher they talk about their relationship. Bobby becomes very depressed when he discovers that Pam has slept with Mark. J.R. asks Detective McSween to have all the phones in his office and Cliff's tapped. But it is J.R. himself that cleverly maneuvers Cliff out of his office and puts the electronic bug on Cliff's phone. J.R. then discovers that the spy is Sly and presents her with photos of Cliff and her together. He tells Sly that the information she will be passing on to Cliff will now be controlled by him. Sue Ellen tells Peter that they can't be friends because she is obviously too attracted to him.

    143 «Barbecue Four»
    J.R. sets Cliff up through Sly when he passes on the Travis Boyd deal to Cliff. Sly discovers that Cliff had nothing to do with her brother's parole so J.R. suggests that Sly ask Cliff for money. Cliff agrees to support her while she takes care of her brother. Jenna refuses Bobby's plea to give up her job but accepts a dinner invitation at Southfork. At dinner Ellie and Clayton pay a surprise visit. J.R. is furious as Clayton sits down to eat in his daddy's chair. J.R. begins to form a deal by devious means with a government official, called Randolph. At the annual Ewing barbecue Pam tells Ellie she still loves Bobby. Mark and Bobby call a tenuous truce. Sue Ellen and Peter kiss passionately behind one of the barns. Meanwhile in Rome, Katherine is disappointed to discover that Charlie's birth certificate names Bobby as the father of Jenna's child. As the guests start to leave the barbecue Clayton announces that he and Miss Ellie are engaged. J.R. is furious over the news.

    144 «Past Imperfect»
    Clayton's announcement of his impending marriage to Ellie brings more than congrats. Ellie refuses the diamond until the "problems" are worked out, including Clayton's suggestion that Ellie leave Southfork. Cliff, taking J.R.'s bait unknowingly, wants more information on Randolph, a government offshore oil leasing agent. Not wanting to be a kept woman, Jenna shows her independence by storming out when Bobby announces that he has just bought her the boutique they are visiting. Katherine investigates Jenna's past. J.R. hits a sore spot when wind of his digging into Clayton's past gets out. Sue Ellen discovers that Peter has left school.

    145 «Peter's Principles»
    Sue Ellen's worry grows as Peter decides to leave school. She agrees to see him if that will keep him in school and in town. Cliff's proposal for a joint venture in offshore drilling to Jordan and Marilee goes unheeded. J.R.'s digging makes Clayton uncomfortable to the point he brings it up to Ellie. J.R. doesn't stop though and brings up Clayton's little-known sister at family cocktails. After seeing Cliff and Marilee, Afton runs to Pam for comfort. Pam, worried that Cliff's obsession with becoming an oil tycoon may start the family feud again, arranges to meet with Bobby to discuss this. Mark and Jenna think a lot more than business discussions are going on.



    146 «Offshore Crude»
    Bobby and J.R. talk about Cliff's desire to compete with the Ewings and J.R. is amused, saying he is not interested in competing with Cliff. Sue Ellen tells John Ross she has found Peter. J.R. confronts Sue Ellen and she reminds him they have an open marriage. Sue Ellen tries to avoid seeing Peter, but ends up spending the day at Southfork with him and making arrangements to meet him later. J.R. slips information to Cliff through Sly that he will go into the offshore bidding alone. J.R. offers a bribe to Randolph in exchange for information about the bids. Cliff ecstatic with the news that J.R. will enter the bidding alone if need be. He tries to convince Marilee to invest with him.

    147 «Some Do... Some Don't»
    Peter is able to talk Sue Ellen out of breaking off their affair, but when she is mistaken for his mother her resolve becomes firmer. J.R. wants to have another child, which Sue Ellen refuses to do. Ellie and Clayton talk about their recent trip and upcoming marriage, then they have a serious misunderstanding. Bobby wants to buy another company against J.R.'s advice. Sly again sets Cliff up. He backs off the offshore deal after Pam tells him about Marilee. Bobby and Jenna reach an agreement, even as Katherine works on Bobby and J.R. works on her. Mark mysteriously goes into the hospital.

    148 «Eye of the Beholder»
    Bobby and Jenna spend the night together. Clayton confronts Ellie on her brutal treatment the night before, but she insists there is nothing to discuss and tells him to leave. J.R. is shocked that Bobby went through with the Boyd deal, but decides to sign to keep peace. Peter agrees to go to a party with Lucy, and when he comes to pick her up Sue Ellen runs into him and is shaken. When Afton leaves to see her brother, Cliff arranges a rendezvous with Marilee. Ellie's decision not to marry Clayton pleases J.R. but he still continues digging into his past. Pam and Bobby meet for lunch after Mark cancels. Cliff gets financial info that verifies that the Ewings could invest in offshore. J.R. pushes Randolph to "unseal" the bids and reveal the information on the top bidder.

    149 «Twelve Mile Limit»
    J.R. arranges to sell his geologist's reports on offshore tracts to Cliff, who reluctantly spends the money for them after Marilee makes it a condition for going in with him on the venture. Ellie and Clayton both admit, but not to each other, that they are frightened of the intimacies their upcoming marriage will entail. J.R. gets additional reports on Clayton's past and uses Sue Ellen to substantiate them. Donna and Ray discover Randolph unconscious from liquor and pills. They accuse J.R. of driving him to suicide. J.R. tells Randolph that his death will not eliminate humiliation for his family. Katherine continues to try and get a line on Jenna and is distressed when she discovers that Jenna and Bobby are intimately involved. Mark asks Pam to marry him.

    150 «Where Is Poppa?»
    J.R. rushes to the hospital where Sue Ellen was taken in an unconscious condition after a minor accident in front of Jenna's boutique. Sue Ellen had earlier agreed to play J.R.'s loving wife at the Anderson anniversary party. Sue Ellen miscarries a baby she didn't know she was having. Marilee agrees to a partnership with Cliff as long as the other members of the cartel don't know about it. Cliff forms a grudging respect for J.R. after discovering that his adversary had gotten information on the offshore tracts. Bobby wants Clayton to become a greater part of the family by going into offshore drilling with him. J.R. continues to harass Katherine knowing she enjoys dangerous relationships.



    151 «When the Bough Breaks» 
    J.R. and Peter are each convinced that he fathered the child Sue Ellen lost in the accident. Bobby is having his own doubts about Charlie's parentage and realizes that the subject is hanging between him and Jenna. Katherine tracks down Naldo and pays him to confirm her suspicions about Jenna. J.R. makes Marilee have second thoughts about becoming Cliff's partner. Clayton bows out of the offshore venture with the Ewings. Mark pushes Pam for an answer to his marriage proposal. Sue Ellen tells Peter that it's over between them.

    152 «True Confessions» 
    Katherine sets up a confrontation between Naldo, J.enna and Bobby about Charlie, but is not pleased with the results and Naldo's predictions. Ray and Donna look into Randolph's past and discover the secret which J.R. is using to blackmail him. Lucy asks Peter to model with her at Southfork. J.R. gets Marilee to agree to pulling out of her deal with Cliff after the winner is declared for the offshore oil leases.

    153 «And the Winner Is...» 
    Cliff has been set up again by J.R. and his spy, Sly, and is befuddled after the bids are opened for leases on the off-shore tracts. He has offered millions over J.R.'s surprisingly low bid. Randolph confesses to Ray and Donna that he gave J.R. information and all are at a loss to explain why he did not use the knowledge to win the leases. Ellie wants a small wedding with just family and close friends but Clayton is upset that his sister Jessica has been invited. Katherine realizes that she may have outsmarted herself by getting Jenna out of Bobby's life. J.R. overhears an incriminating conversation between Sue Ellen and Peter.

    154 «Fools Rush In» 
    Cliff learns he must raise $260 million to complete his off-shore drilling obligations. Over Afton's objections, Cliff goes to Vaughn Leland for the huge loan unaware that J.R. and Leland are conspiring against him. J.R. also plots to get Katherine married to Bobby. Ellie invites Clayton's sister, Jessica, to stay at Southfork for the upcoming wedding. Charlie goes to Bobby upset over his split with her mother. J.R. hires Peter to be John Ross' private counselor at the same time he is having his background investigated. Pam discovers some alarming information about Mark.

    155 «The Unexpected» 
    J.R. is especially impressed by Jessica and her present to him --her late husband's regimental sword. Ellie's hospitality appears to be wasted on both Jessica and Clayton. J.R. and Vaughn trap Cliff into signing loan papers that have the potential to destroy him. Pam makes the decision to marry Mark out of pity when she learns he's sick. A triumphant Katherine demands that J.R. give her the tapes which he has been using to blackmail her. Bobby is unable to wish Pam luck and admits to Jenna how he is torn between his feelings for Pam and his need to hold onto her and Charlie. J.R. continues with his plan to destroy Peter and teach a lesson to Sue Ellen.



    156 «Strange Alliance» 
    J.R. and Jessica find they share the same sentiments about Ellie and Clayton's wedding plans. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that he will be happy when Clayton joins the family but Sue Ellen is doubtful of his sincerity. Lucy's determination to find out why Peter is not interested in her makes Sue Ellen apprehensive. Pam is frightened that her marriage to Mark will make her lose Bobby forever even as she tries to shield Mark from finding out the truth about his health. Bobby finally is able to wish Pam and Mark happiness. His own future is clouded as Jenna tells him she will not wait forever for him. Sly continues to lead Cliff on and J.R. has Vaughn put Cliff farther out on a financial limb. J.R. makes plans to frame Peter.

    157 «Blow Up» 
    Mark is so proud of Pam that he wants all his friends to witness their wedding. Pam is concerned about his health. J.R. and Jessica conspire to sabotage Ellie and Clayton's wedding. Jenna and Bobby agree to try a fresh start. J.R. tries to buy Wentworth oil fields from Katherine, but she offers to sell to Bobby instead. Cliff's wells keep coming in dry and he can't understand why he needs to put up so much collateral to borrow more money. He tries to turn to Mark for help but Pam won't let him. J.R. decides its time to put the screws on Peter after Sue Ellen has a nasty scene with a drunken Lucy. Donna becomes suspicious of Jessica.

    158 «Turning Point» 
    Clayton tries to stop his sister from conspiring with J.R., to no avail. Pam finally gives in to Mark and agrees to a big wedding. J.R. is furious with Katherine for dealing with Bobby on the sale of some Wentworth properties. Afton realizes that Cliff is in big trouble when he tries to rifle her bank account. Cliff has to sell off some of his assets to get cash for his drilling without knowing that J.R. is the buyer and is pulling strings in the background. J.R. gets Peter arrested when cocaine is found in his car by the police. Jessica has an unusual reaction to Clayton's friendship with Ray.

    159 «Love Stories» 
    Bobby proposes marriages to Jenna and she accepts. J.R. sets Katherine up and she confesses her affair with J.R. to Bobby, who recognizes her deceit. J.R. makes a big pretense about being concerned over Peter's arrest. Jessica attacks Clayton for selling the Southern Cross and leaving Dusty without a heritage. Cliff realizes he is about to lose everything he owns. Mark discovers the truth about his health. Clayton pushes Miss Ellie to wed before J.R. and Jessica can interfere.

    160 «Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie»
    J.R.'s snooping into Clayton and Jessica's past makes him realize that his mother may be in grave and immediate danger. The concern of the Ewings for Miss Ellie's safety increases after it is learned that she never arrived at a fashion show she was to attend with Jessica and Donna. Mark's death affects the Ewings in a variety of ways and Bobby and Jenna face Pam's need for Bobby's help. Katherine buys Cliff's share of Wentworth Tool & Die so he can continue his offshore drilling. Pam discovers Katherine's duplicity in her relationship with Bobby. Clayton makes a shocking revelation about Dusty. The Ewings fear Ellie is in serious trouble when Donna arrives to inform that she was attacked by Jessica.

    161 «End Game»
    Tension rises at the Ewing residence as the search for Miss Ellie and Jessica continues. Clayton and J.R. have a fight over Clayton's mentally unstable sister. Bobby confronts J.R. over his plotting with Jessica to stop the wedding. Cliff seeks Jordan Lee's help in getting another crew for his offshore drilling. Ellie is resuced from Jessica's clutches. Sue Ellen feels sorry for Pamela after Mark's death. Clayton and Ellie decide not to postpone the wedding,despite the recent events. Clayton tries to figure out Jessica's mental state and her motive for kidnapping Ellie. Pam learns that Jenna Wade and Bobby will be getting married. Clayton and Miss Ellie get married.
    Cliff is mad to learn that Pam left Dallas without saying where she's going. Ellie and Clayton go on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Katherine makes a scene during an angry exchange with Bobby. J.R. reveals the setup on offshore drilling to a completely stunned Cliff. Edgar Randolph reappears in Dallas vowing revenge on J.R. Cliff throws Afton out of the apartment. J.R. reveals his scheme to frame Peter Richards, and he blackmails Sue Ellen.
    Shots are fired in J.R's office and Bobby falls to the floor bleeding.



    Даллас (8 сезон: 162-191 серии) / Dallas / 1984 - 1985
    162 «Killer at Large»   
    fton discovers Bobby's body in J.R.'s office and calls an ambulance. J.R. gets a call from the hospital after Bobby's shooting. J.R. is not worried when Ray tells him that Randolph is back in Dallas. J.R. soon realizes that he was the target, not Bobby. Cliff learns that he has struck oil. Katherine is in shock when she hears Bobby is recovering. Bobby is left blind by the bullet wound. Marilee is angry at J.R. because he talked her out of partnering with Cliff. Randolph tries to shoot J.R. but misses. Bobby and J.R. realize that the killer is still at large.

    163 «Battle Lines» 
    Bobby tells Donna and Ray that his office phone was bugged. Bobby tells Jenna that he won't marry her unless he regains his sight. Cliff tells Sly that he wants her to continue spying on J.R. But Sly goes back and reports everything to J.R. for whom she is really spying. Pam tells Bobby that Katherine wrote the letter that prompted their divorce. Donna moves into Bobby's office to handle his interests while he's in the hospital which makes J.R. furious. Clayton learns of Bobby's shooting but promises not to tell Miss Ellie until they come back from their honeymoon. Cliff is arrested for the attempted murder of Bobby after the police find the gun in his townhouse.

    164 «If at First You Don't Succeed» 
    J.R. tells Bobby about Cliff's arrest and confesses that he set up Cliff and Randoplh. Pam tells J.R. she plans to help Cliff ruin him. Bobby decides to have risky surgery to restore his vision. Lucy takes a waitress job at the restaurant where her mother once worked. Mandy identifies Cliff in a police lineup as the man she was with at the time of Bobby's shooting. Katherine reacts strongly to a radio report that Cliff was cleared of charges. Jock's estranged brother, Jason Ewing has died of an apparent heart attack in Alaska. A maniacal nurse enters Bobby's hospital room to give him an injection.

    165 «Jamie» 
    Katherine, disguised as a nurse, is just about to give Bobby a fatal injection, when he wakes up and begins to scream. The noise brings J.R. back into Bobby's room where he is able to stop Katherine from killing Bobby. Katherine admits to having tried to kill Bobby and is hauled off to jail. Bobby's sight returns and a week later he is back at Ewing Oil. Donna tells Bobby she's invested some of her own money in a small oil company, but hasn't told Ray yet. J.R. explains why he bugged Bobby's phone. Ray discovers Lucy waitress job at the restaurant, but she swears him to secrecy. Jamie Ewing comes to Southfork and announces that she's the daughter of Jock's recently deceased brother, Jason



    166 «Family» 
    Jamie tells the Ewings that her father died penniless and that she also has a brother. J.R. wants proof that Jamie is really a Ewing. She pulls out an old photo of Jason and Jock. Bobby tells J.R. that he can't get Pam off his mind. Cliff agrees to consider an offer by Wendell that involves Weststar's acquisition of Barnes-Wentworth. Jenna is puzzled when Jamie tells her that Jason liked Jenna's father, which contradicts Jenna's impression that the two men hated each other. Pam and Jackie are mystified when they spot Mark's car

    167 «Shadow of a Doubt» 
    Wanting to prevent a powerful union between Weststar and Barnes-Wentworth, J.R. tells Sly to confirm Cliff's mistaken suspicions that J.R. is behind the offer. Pam learns that the maintenance of Mark's possessions is required until his estate is settled. Bobby is ready to make wedding plans with Jenna. Cliff rejects Wendell's offer. When Pam gets flowers from Mark, she thinks he is alive.

    168 «Homecoming»
    J.R. complains to Bobby about losing three employees to Barnes-Wentworth and expresses concern about the potentially formidable Cliff/Pam alliance. Bobby wants to take down Jock's picture before Miss Ellie and Clayton return from their honeymoon, but J.R. objects. Pam hires a salvage specialist to search the plane wreckage in hopes of determining Mark's fate. Pam decides to go out with Dave, although she still thinks he is more concerned with the Weststar merger. Eddie learns that Lucy is a Ewing. Ellie begins to realize that Clayton is sensitive to the symbols of her life with Jock.

    169 «Oil Baron's Ball III» 
    Unable to handle her role as J.R.'s spy, Sly requests a few months off from work. Bobby fails to persuade Pam to abandon the salvage mission and accept Mark's death. Ellie treats Clayton to a night at a hotel and later surprises him with new bedroom furniture. Cliff fears Pam is headed for a nervous breakdown. J.R. spots a beautiful woman at the ball and wants to meet her. He is later surprised to see Mandy with Cliff. J.R. announces that Bobby and Jenna will marry in a month and Pam is devastated by the news.

    170 «Shadows»
    When Bobby verbally attacks J.R. for announcing the wedding date, J.R. swears it wasn't his intention to embarrass Pam. El1ie sees that Clayton is still uneasy about Jock. J.R. hires a private detective to investigate Mandy. Donna suggests that Miss El1ie remove Jock's portrait. She does, saying it now belongs to Ewing Oil. Lucy agrees to go on a date with Eddie.


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