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    Доктор Куин-женщина врач/Dr.Quinn,Medicine Woman(1993-1998)-США(англ.)

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    Season 5

    Runaway Train
    Sully goes to Denver to negotiate the release of Cloud Dancing from the army. One of the conditions is that Sully is no longer Indian Agent and may not ever step foot on the reservation again. On the way home the train crashes, injuring most on board. Andrew learns a lesson in humility by watching Michaela in action.

    Having It All
    Michaela has returned to work after being home with Katie. Between work, the baby and being so tired,Michaela is spread thin. Sully feels neglected. Sully helps Michaela through this difficult time. Colleen is accepted to college in Denver.

    A couple brings their baby to the clinic and he dies. The Father who is an attorney sues Dr Mike for malpractice. The Judge (Stacy Keach,Sr.) orders Dr. Mike to pay a steep fine and suspends her license. The mystery of the baby's death is solved.

    All That Glitters
    A world famous singer, Gilda St. Clair (Barbara Mandrell) comes to Colorado Springs and starts losing her voice. She may need surgery. Meanwhile, Emma makes a dress for Gilda and the women in town start to warm up to Emma.

    Los Americanos
    Mr. and Mrs. Morales, a Mexican-American couple move to Colorado Springs. Tragedy strikes when, the husband gets attacked by a mountain lion. Michaela attempts to save him, but he dies. Mrs. Morales (Michelle Bonilla) is bitter toward Michaela. Meanwhile the town needs a new teacher, will they hire Mrs. Morales?



    Last Dance
    The Sweetheart's Dance is almost near. Sully gets a job offer to preserve Yellowstone National Park. The family would have to move to Wyoming. Michaela does not want to leave. Dorothy asks Cloud Dancing permission to write a book about him. Brian practices asking Sarah to the dance.

    Right Or Wrong
    Michaela is put in jail for treating a Pueblo Indian (Pato Hoffman). The man left his reservation to find an herb that could cure his son, when he was captured by the army. Jake and Preston face off in the mayoral race.

    Remember Me
    An old miner with dementia wanders into town. He has a huge gold nugget and says his name is Lucias Slicker (Ray Walston). Jake faces the father who left him so long ago. Close to death, Lucias tells Brian (thinking he is Jake) how proud he is of him.

    Matthew is shot in a hold up at the bank. A legendary Marshall, Elias Burch (Willie Nelson) goes after the criminals. Matthew not healed properly, sets off to prove he can bring the criminals in. He learns some important lessons from the Marshall.

    The Tempest
    Preston's demanding father arrives for the unveiling of The Chateau around Thanksgiving. Andrew goes to work for Preston. Michaela and Katie are home alone, when a Tornado hits town.



    Separate But Equal
    Anthony wants to attend the school Brian attends. The townspeople are opposed to letting a "colored boy" into the school. Anthony is hurt, while fighting for what he wants. Loren has to re-think his ways, when Brian shuns him.

    A Place To Die
    Two patients die after being treated by Michaela. Dorothy also becomes deathly ill. With no explanation for the deaths, Michaela has to burn everything in the clinic to assure that no one else falls ill.

    Season Of Miracles
    The Reverend loses his sight before Christmas. Brian questions his own faith, when the Reverend's sight is not restored.

    The Dam
    Sully is opposed to a dam being built in the valley. As sherrif, Matthew is required to protect the builders of the dam and stop anyone who tries to stand in the way. Matthew and Sully are on opposite sides.

    Farewell Appearance
    Michaela's Uncle Teddy (David Ogden Stiers), a world renowned pianist comes to visit. He tries to use Brian as a substitute for his slain son. Uncle Teddy tells Brian he could be a great pianist, if he moves to New York with him.



    The Most Fatal Disease
    Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash) come through town, escorting three mail order brides. Kid Cole wants a divorce, claiming he is not cut out for marriage. The truth is he feels he is dying and wants to spare his wife the pain. Feeling lonely, Loren wants to buy a mail order bride.

    Colleen's Paper
    Colleen returns to Colorado Springs on a break. She wants to write about her mother's most memorable case. Andrew becomes ill and Colleen stays and nurses him back to health.

    A House Divided Pts 1 And 2
    (Pt 1)Sully's old friend Daniel (John Schneider) comes for a visit. Michaela and Sully are having financial problems and Daniel offers to help. Sully refuses the offer. Sully finds work away from home. While Sully is away, Daniel develops feelings for Michaela and pays the mortgage payment. (Pt 2) When Sully returns, he sees how Daniel feels about Michaela. Sully wants Daniel out of his house. Sully leaves the house in anger.

    Sully goes off for the day to take food to some families in need. While he is away, two bank robbers, the Currier brothers (James Keach and David Carradine) come to the homestead. One of them was shot in a robbery. They claim it was a hunting accident. When Michaela discovers the truth, the brothers hold Michaela, Brian and Katie hostage. Sully comes home and is shot by one of the brothers. Despite being wounded, he has to get his family out safely.

    Body Electric
    Famed poet Walt Whitman (Donald Moffat) comes to town for some rest and relaxtion. Rumors spread about his "alternative" lifestyle. Brian and Mr. Whitman become fast friends. Michaela reacts unexpectedly, when she learns of their friendship.



    Before The Dawn
    After divorce papers arrive, Horace attempts suicide. Michaela summons Myra and Samantha from St. Louis. Everyone tries desperately to convince Horace, there is reason to live.

    Starting Over
    After Marjorie joins the Women's movement she blows into town stirring everyone up and has a fling with Loren.

    His Father's Son
    Everyone is doting on Katie and Brian feels slighted. Brian receives a letter and picture from his real father, which leaves him feeling like he doesn't belong anywhere. Brian starts behaving badly. He gets Anthony to skip school with him and they hop a train. Sully punishes Brian. When Brian questions Sully's actions, Sully says that he is doing it because he is his Pa.

    Moment Of Truth Pts 1 And 2
    (Pt 1)Cloud Dancing is badly beaten by soldiers for returning late to the reservation. Michaela treats him. When Sully learns of the attack, he is outraged. Tired of being treated cruelly, the tribes plan a rebellion. They enlist Sully's help.
    (Pt 2) Sully lies to everyone about what he is doing, but the truth comes out. Cloud Dancing flees to the Tongue River Valley. Sgt McKay (David Beecroft)sees Sully at the scene. After Sgt O'Connor (Patrick Kilpatrick) finds out what happens, he goes after Sully. They get into a fight and they both go over a cliff.



    Season 6

    Reason To Believe
    Sgt. O'Connor was found dead in the river. Sully is nowhere to be found. Michaela believes that he survived and goes looking for him. Daniel comes to offer his help. Dorothy and Cloud Dancing share their first kiss.

    All That Matters
    Sully is found alive, but badly hurt. As Michaela nurses him back to health, she keeps him hidden from the army. Sully sneaks into the homestead one night to spend time with his wife.

    A Matter Of Conscience
    Sully is wanted for treason and murder. In order to keep him safe, Michaela pretends that Sully is dead and has a memorial service for him. Hank and Jake find out Sully is alive. Cloud Dancing and Sully meet with Black Moon (Gregory Norman Cruz).

    The Comfort Of Friends
    Michaela finds out that she is pregnant, but suffers a miscarriage. Without Sully there to comfort her, she has to turn to her friends.

    Wave Goodbye
    Russian Princess Nizamoff (Natasha Andreichenko) who claims to see the future, tells everyone what they want to hear. Even Michaela is taken in by her.



    A Place Called Home
    Anthony's (Brandon Hammond) health deteriorates rapidly. Grace does not want to face the inevitable. Michaela struggles to tell Sully about the baby. Anthony loses his battle.

    Lead Me Not
    Marjorie brings a group of Temperance Women (opposed to alcohol consumption) to C.S. Jake goes on a dangerous drinking binge, when he thinks Hank and Teresa are seeing each other. Grace begins to drink heavily to numb her grief. Robert E. moves out.

    A Time To Heal Pts 1 And 2
    (Pt 1) A diptheria epidemic sweeps through C.S. Michaela performs a procedure that is not a proven cure. Becky (Haylie Johnson) dies. (Pt 2) Mrs. Quinn wants to take to the children to Boston with her. She also disapproves of Loren and Marjorie's relationship. Marjorie contracts the illness. The family sneaks Sully home for Thanksgiving.

    Civil Wars
    Dorothy discovers the deed to the property that Grace's cafe is on. Hank accidently breaks Horace's nose and won't pay for the damage. There is a sudden rash of lawsuits and Michaela acts as Judge.

    Safe Passage
    Consumption hits Black Moon and his men. Black Moon agrees to surrender in exchange for safe passage of his men to protected land. Michaela negotiates the deal and asks also that Sully be pardoned.



    The Homecoming
    Sully and Michaela are on their way home for Christmas, when they stop to help a couple inexperienced in the wilderness.

    Point Blank
    Michaela is shot at the clinic by a man that has a grievance with doctors. The physical wounds heal, but the emotional ones linger.

    Seeds Of Doubt
    A male acquaintance of Colleen's from Denver, starts to call on her. When the man pushes himself on Colleen, Andrew protects her honor and admits his love for her.

    Seven Kinds Of Lonely
    Loneliness pervades C.S. as the Sweetheart's Dance approaches. Loren sells his store to Preston and plans to move to San Francisco. Jake proposes to Teresa.

    Life In The Balance
    Chinese immigrants set up camp. Dr. Quinn discovers a young woman (Yumi Iwami) posing as a man in order to practice medicine, which is forbidden in her culture. Her Grandfather (Robert Ito) is stunned, but supportive.



    Happily Ever After
    Hank captures Cloud Dancing and gets the army to send him to a reservation far away. Jake and Teresa marry, despite her aunt's (Carmen Zapata) disapproval.

    Michaela worries about Brian's friendship with an eccentric man (Martin Von Hoffman) who thinks he is a bird.

    Matthew,who is studying law defends U.S. Marshall Elias Burch (Willie Nelson), who is accused of murder.

    To Have And To Hold
    While away with Sully, Michaela falls and hits her head. She suffers a concussion. The pain of losing her baby is finally discussed and resolved with Sully's help.

    The Fight
    An aging fighter (Richard Roundtree) challenges the men of C.S. Robert E. takes up the challenge and channels his rage and grief.

    A New Beginning
    Colleen graduates from college and is accepted to The Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. This is good news, however Andrew is concerned that being so far apart, he and Colleen will grow apart as well. Andrew proposes to Colleen. Everyone is thrilled except Michaela. She is concerned that Colleen and Andrew are getting married out of fear of losing one another. Will they find the happiness they desire? Preston has lost everyone's money in the stockmarket crash. Most everyone is affected by this, but none as much as Dorothy. Will she lose her beloved Gazette?



    Вы здесь » Tv novelas и не только.Форум о теленовелах » Сериалов других стран » Доктор Куин-женщина врач/Dr.Quinn,Medicine Woman(1993-1998)-США(англ.)